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Rising To The Challenge

Ceramic Collection

It started in 1998, with the idea of providing a range of Bio-Polyols to match those from petroleum that will be price competitive for businesses without compromising on quality.
This became the cornerstone of our business.
Through an understanding of your needs and the challenges you face, we developed an approach to assist you your ever-growing sourcing requirements.
Our objective is to continuously work towards a sustainable future where we can provide cost advantages through responsible sourcing making products more affordable and environmentally friendly.
We are committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customers and sustainable development.
This is who we are.



It took years of research to bring our ideas to life. We finally started commercial production in 2006. The key success criterion is a passion, dedication and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.
This mindset exists in every part of our company, from R&D, sourcing, packing and distributing through to our business model. Our aim is to provide the market with a new, smarter alternative- a high-quality bio-based polyol with sustainable benefits.

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As we progressed significantly in our journey, we refined our products to further challenge ourselves. We became REACH certified by the EU council in 2015, Bio-preferred certified by the USDA in 2016 and the achievement that we are currently most proud of, the ability replace larger parts than anyone else of synthetic Polyols in most foaming applications without compromising on the quality.



We believe in safekeeping our planet even before sustainability became an 'it' word. Since the first day we started we have consistently source only from plantations in Peninsular Malaysia. Our partners are very well established and are mostly using land which had previously been used for other crops such as Rubber.
There is no new deforestation in Peninsular Malaysia, no displacement of Orang Utans (as Peninsular Malaysia was never a natural habitat for them) and the industry has lifted communities out of poverty.  For decades, plantation companies like our suppliers have set up housing, health and education facilities in their plantations ensuring the well-being of its workers and their families enriching the local community. In peninsular Malaysia the focus has always been on improving productivity and yields of oil palm, rather than expanding land.

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