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Welcome to our Front desk

We don’t believe in complicated management structures - so the people you talk to are the people you work with.

Since our founding, our team are a group of people deeply passionate about bio-based polyols. It's rarely an industry that one stumbles into and stay - if not for the passion. They all come from various backgrounds, each one specializes in a different area of expertise and yet share the same dedication to find the perfect solution to bring life your products.

Meet the team.

Jens Eulitz joined in 2005 and is in charge of overall Marketing as well as Sales to mainly Middle Eastern countries, Europe and North America.

Dennis Chong is responsible for sales in India, South East Asia and Far East Asia. Dennis Chong is also leading the  R&D Team. 
Dennis has been working for PolyGreen Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (730832-M) for many years, having accumulated vast experience in Polyurethane applications. .

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