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A Thorough Approach

We create innovative products and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. Our product range are meticulously designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results over long periods of time.

Our bio-based Polyols :

  1. Are highly biodegradable as polyols.

  2. Meet all international requirements regarding Restricted Substances and ROHS.

  3. Can save on other raw materials depending on formulation.

  4. Low to no odor.


The best choice for Conventional, HR and viscoelastic Foams

Flexible slabstock Polyol with improved viscosity, now in the range of Standard Polyether Polyols.
F9250 offers better physical properties if used at same usage level compared to other Bio Polyols. It is a universal Bio-Polyol that can be used in all Flexible Foams, inclusive TDI and MDI based HR Foams



Best Choice for Low Density Foam

F7020 preferred to use in low density foams with high hardness, depending on formulation may save on TDI consumption.

Stadium Seats


Breakthrough Rapeseed Oil blend

Our Newest polyol designed for Polyurethane Flexible Slabstock Foam application



Diol for Rigid Foams and Adhesives

Designed for high density rigid foams with open cell structure, e.g. used for off shore piping.
Being a Diol, also suitable for selective Polyurethane Adhesive applications.

pipe line transportation in crude oil re
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